Department of Information Technology
                                                                                                         2017-2018 Academic Year
                                                                                                             Graduation Thesis Title
Sr. No. Name Roll No. Thesis Title Field of Study Remark
1 Ma Win Pa Pa Phyo VI IT - 1 Online Passport Booking System Web Application  
2 Ma Win Phyo Ei VI IT - 2 Logistic and Service Management System Web Application  
3 Ma Thin July Htoo VI IT - 3 Customer Relationship Management        based on Telecommunication Networking  
4 Ma Su Su Hlaing VI IT - 4 Flat/ accommodations and provate housing                                                         rental information system in Yangon Web Application  
5 Ma Shwe Zin Nyunt VI IT - 5 Education Learning System for                                                                  Matricuylation Students Web Application  
6 Ma Lynn Sandar Htun VI IT - 6 Online Registration and Entrance                                                                    Exam for IMCEITS Web  
7 Ma Minn Minn Cherry VI IT - 7 Online Passport Registration Web Application  
8 Ma May Wady Min VI IT - 8 Online Students Registration for                                                                   WYTU Training Program Web Application  
9 Ma Pa Pa Thin VI IT - 9 Arduino based Home Automation                                                               System using IR remote control Arduino Open Source Microcontroller  
10 Mg Saw Chan Myae Aung VI IT - 10 Product Analysis for 3G Site Networking  
11 Ma Kyi Phyu Khine VI IT - 11 E-Learning for Project Management Web Application  
12 Ma May Thu Kyaw VI IT - 12 Safety Device Arduino Open Source Microcontroller  
13 Ma Ei Pwint Pwint Thu VI IT - 13 Smart Word (Notification and Suggestion) System Software Application  
14 Ma Yin Minn Soe VI IT - 14 University Student Evaluation System Web Application  
15 Ma Zin May Thu VI IT - 15 IOT Based Fire Alert System Arduino Open Source Microcontroller  
16 Ma Phyu Kyaw Win VI IT - 16 POS and Inventory Control System                                                                       based on Restaurant Management System Web Application  
17 Ma Hin Yu Yu Lwin VI IT - 17 Arduino based Vehicle Accident Alert                                                          System using GPD, GSM Arduino Open Source Microcontroller  
18 Ma Yoon Me Me Mg VI IT - 18 Web-based GPS Products Sale System Web Application  
19 Ma Thin Zar Soe VI IT - 19 Online Book Store(Book Partadise) Web Application  
20 Mg Aung Tun Oo VI IT - 20 Win-Win Happy nFamily Web Application Web Application  
21 Ma May Thuzar Tun VI IT - 21 Mahar Nwae Cosmetics Shop and                                                               Online booking system Web Application  
22 Ma Nilar Tun VI IT - 22 WYTU Online Blood Donation System Web Application  
23 Ma Yin Min OO VI IT - 23 Boxes Sale Supporting System Web Application  
24 Ma Yu Ya May Ko VI IT - 24 Androin based onlne shopping system Android Application  
25 Ma Chu Kay Khaing VI IT - 25 Online Voting System Web Application  
26 Ma Khwar Nyo Thin VI IT - 26 Urgent  Battery Charging System from                                                            Heat Energy Arduino  
27 Ma Shwe YI Win VI IT - 27 Online Student Management Web Application  
28 Ma Thiri Khin Min Kyaw VI IT - 28 EnKoala:English Level Test Application                                              Development using Android OS Android Application  
29 Mg Zaw Myo Win VI IT - 29 Maths and Guss Number App for Kids                                                          Using B4A Android  
30 Ma Khain Thae Htay VI IT - 30 Physchotest and Behacior Learning Web Application  
31 Ma Lwin Mar Win VI IT - 31 Online IT Quiz System Web Application  
32 Ma Wutt Yee Aung VI IT - 32 IoT Based  Pet Feeding System Arduino Open Source Microcontroller  
33 Ma Zu Zin Ko Htun VI IT - 33 Splendid Experience Gamming Store Website Web Application  
34 Ma Myat Lwin VI IT - 34 Online Food Ordering System Web Application  
35 Mg Kyaw Myo Thet VI IT - 35 English for Kids Android Application  
36 Ma Mar Mar Win VI IT - 36 Chinese Mandarin Learning Application for                                               Beginner Using Android Android  
37 Ma Mi Myo Ei Ei Myat VI IT - 37 Arduino Based Blind Stick Arduino  
38 Mg Pyae Phyo Mg VI IT - 38 GSM Based SMS Alert Fire Alarm System         Using Microcontroller Arduino  
39 Ma Aye Nyein Win VI IT - 39 Mya Education Center Website Web Application  
40 Mg Pone Nya VI IT - 40 Network Design ro Share Internet Access             for WYTU Networking  
41 Mg Than Toe Aung VI IT - 41 Iweb based directory system for Computer                                                   Showroom Web Application  
42 Ma Saw Yu New VI IT - 42 An Essential Technology for Health Care Web Application  
43 Mas May nMyat Thiri Htet VI IT - 43 Myanmar Tile PUZZLE Web Application  
44 Ma Thandar Aye Thein VI IT - 44 Online Social Discussion Forum Web  
45 Ma Ei Shwe YI Oo VI IT - 45 Implementation of Web Design for BEE                                                       English Class Web Application  
46 Ma Kyae Hmon Win VI IT - 46 Glory Footwares Online Shop System Web Application  
47 Ma Myint Myint Thu VI IT - 47 Intesrship opportunities Management System Web Application  
48 Ma Yin Nyein Phyo VI IT - 48 Payroll Management System Web Application  
49 Ma Pyone Pyae Sone VI IT - 49 Wireless Notice Boarde using Arduino and                                                    GSM module Arduino Open Source Microcontroller  
50 Ma Htet Eaindra Wai VI IT - 50 Tourism and International Conference System    
51 Mg Ye Yint Aung VI IT - 51 ArduinoBased  Car Direction Controlled with                                              Smartphone and Image Capturing System Arduino Open Source Microcontroller  
52 Ma Yunn Thiri Aung VI IT - 52 Degree Form Request Management Web  
53 Mg Myo Minn Soe VI IT - 53 Server Configuration withVirtual Private Server                                               (Cloud) System using Raspberry Pi  Raspberry Pi and Linux Software  
54 Ma Yin Nyein Thu VI IT - 54 Event Ticket Managing System Web Application  
55 Ma Su Yin Hnin VI IT - 55 Student Internship Platform Web Application  
56 Ma Yin YIN MIN VI IT - 56 Trademark registration System Web Application  
57 Ma Su Yi Win VI IT - 57 Info Board for Patient Software Application  
58 Ma Yu Mon Htwe VI IT - 58 Heart Disease Prediction System using                                                      Machine Leaning Web Application  
59 Mg Wai Yan Kyaw VI IT - 59  Voice over Internet Protocol Access for                                                        WYTU IT Department Networking  
60 Ma Theint Theint Zaw VI IT - 60     Absent
61 Ma May Thazin Oo VI IT - 61 Blood Donation Management System Web Application  
62 Ma Su Pyae Maung VI IT - 62 Spy Camera and Alert System for                                                              Woman Safety Arduino Open Source Microcontroller  
63 Ma Yamin Kyaw Soe VI IT - 63 Privacy Socoial Media Application for                                                         Organization Web Application  
64 Nma Aye Thet Paing Hmue VI IT - 64 Health Care Information Sysstem Android Application  
65 Mg Kaung Htet Linn VI IT - 65 Antenna Performance Analysis in 4G                                                 Telecommunication System Telecommunication  
66 Ma Thin Nu Swe VI IT - 66  Future Furniture Online Shopping System Web Application  
67 Mg Soe Ya Aung VI IT - 67 Development and Innovation of ETE                                                                System in Myanmar Communication  
68 Ma Noe Noe Thu Lwin VI IT - 68 Patient Monitoring System Arduino  
69 Mg Thant Myat Phyo VI IT - 69 PHP Learning App Android  
70 Ma Han Nwe Soe VI IT - 70  Entrepreneurship Shart-up Competition                                                                    in Myanmar(ESC Myanmar) Web Application  
71 Ma May Thet Khine VI IT - 71 Water Level Controller Using Orange Pi Zero Control  
72 Ma Wai Hlan Htet VI IT - 72 "Win-Win Happy Family" Knowledge                                                        Strength Analysis According to Age Group Web Application  
73 Ma Phyu Win Thant VI IT - 73 Housing Society Management System Web Application  
74 Ma Su Wai Hlaing VI IT - 74 Android Tic-Tac-Toe Game Android Application  
75 Ma Poe Ei Phyu VI IT - 75 WYTU  Staff's Payroll  System using C# Software Application  
76 Ma Pyae Sone Win VI IT - 76 Earthquake Detector Alarm Arduino  
77 Ma Phoo Pwint Wai Kyaw VI IT - 77 Online Photograph Booking Website Web Application  
78 Ma Su Yi Myaing VI IT - 78 English Learning Words for Children Android Application  
79 Ma Hnin Yee Soe VI IT - 79 Information and Registration System for                                                             Vital Statistics Project Web Application  
80 Ma May Aeindra Bo VI IT - 80 Online Passport Booking System Web Application  
81 Ma Aye Aye Aung VI IT - 81 Text books and Exercises for Grade 8 Myanmar Android Application  
82 Ma Yadanar Win VI IT - 82 2D Mini CNC Plotter Arduino Open Source Microcontroller  
83 Ma Thiri Htoon VI IT - 83 Business Support System(Hawei) Networking  
84 Ma Yin Yin Mon VI IT - 84 E- Learning Software Application  
85 Ma Pyae Phyo Win VI IT - 85 Online Wedding Planning System Web Application  
86 Mg Kaung Htet San VI IT - 86 Student Lab Account System Networking  
87 Ma Aye Chan Su VI IT - 87 E-Comic Based on Android Android Application  
88 Ma Mon Myat Thu VI IT - 88 Book Distribution Management system Android Application  
89 Ma Naw February VI IT - 89 Implementation of Online Shopping Agent Web Application  
90 Ma Pwint Tharaphe Wai VI IT - 90 Hospital Informatrion and Booking for                                                                 Health Care Web Application  
91 Ma Ei Phyo Wai VI IT - 91 Branded Online Bags Shop based on Web Web Application  
92 Ma Myint Myint Kyaw VI IT - 92 Online Electronic City Web Application  
93 Ma Khin Hnin Hlaing VI IT - 93 Vice Milling Factory Management System Web Application  
94 Mg Saw Htet Lin VI IT - 94 Information and Registration of Vital Statistics Software Application  
95 Ma May Thu Lin VI IT - 95 Online Job Portal Web Application  
96 Ma Hla Hla Win VI IT - 96 Modern Agricultural Machine Arduino Open Source Microcontroller  
97 Ma May Thu Aung VI IT - 97 Cockpit Network Monitoring Networking  
98 Ma Eindray Pyone Naing VI IT - 98 Online Exam System Web Application  
99 Ma Su Hayman Aung VI IT - 99 Web based Shwe Linn Yone Carton Box                                                   Manufacturing System Web Application  
100 Mg Wai Yan Maung VI IT - 100 Artificial Intelligence CHESS AI  
101 Mg Yan Hmue Aung VI IT - 101 Donation Myanmar Web Application  
102 Ma Eidarli Min VI IT - 102 Online Book Shop Web Application  
103 Mg Phyo Pyae Sone Zaw VI IT - 103 Media Player (Android) Android Application  
104 Ma Aye Aye Nyein VI IT - 104 Web based in Bus Ticket Booking System Web Application  
105 Mg Thet Paing Thein VI IT - 105 Small Business website Web Application  
106 Ma Zarli Htun VI IT - 106 Coffee Machine using Arduino and                                                                     RFID sensor Arduino Open Source Microcontroller  
107 Mg Yan Aung Phyoe VI IT - 107 BRO Network Monitoring Tool Networking  
108 Ma Su Pyae Sone VI IT - 108 Arduino Based Balancing Robot for                                                                  Carry Service Arduino  
109 Mg Htet Wai Linn VI IT - 109 Teacher Biography Application Android Application  
110 Ma Su YI New VI IT - 110 IOT based Pill Bottle Arduino Open Source Microcontroller  
111 Ma Khin Phoo Tint VI IT - 111 Online English free Test Web Application  
112 Mg Saw Yan Naung VI IT - 112 Connect Together System Software Application  
113 Ma Kay Zar Myint Aung VI IT - 113 Trademark Software Application  
114 Ma Yi YI Aung VI IT - 114 Employee Attendance and Payroll System Database Mangement System  
115 Mg Nyo Lay Hteike VI IT - 115 Online Cake Ordering System based on Web Web Application  
116 Ma Yin Yin Myint VI IT - 116 Online Registration and Entrance Exam                                                                    for IMCEITS Web  
117 Ma May Poei San VI IT - 117 Online3 Voting System for WYTU union Android Application  
118 Ma Thae  Su Aye VI IT - 118 Chatting and File Sharing Window                                                                    Application with LAN Networking  
119 Ma Hnin Inzali VI IT - 119 Data Encryption and Decryption using AES Android Application  
120 Ma Thiri Wathan VI IT - 120     Absent
121 Ma Chit Su Hlaing VI IT - 121 WYTU Clinic Service System Web  
122 Mg Thiha Oo VI IT - 122 Point of Sale Software Application  
123 Mg Sai Kaung Khant Zaw VI IT - 123 Online Registration and Entrance Exam  for IMCEITS Web  
124 Mg Thaw Zin Oo VI IT - 124 An analysis on the significance of RF optimization for 3G System and                          Technical importance of drive testing Networking  
125 Ma Cherry May VI IT - 125 Body Builder Android Application  
126 Naw Mirian Htun Zar VI IT - 126 Third Eyes Wearable devices for Blind Arduino Open Source Microcontroller  
127 Ma Cho Cho Seint VI IT - 127 Fashion and Electronic Online Shopping                                                               System using PHP Web Application  
128 Ma Nilar Khine VI IT - 128 Hi9me Monitoring System for Elderly Persom Arduino Open Source Microcontroller  
129 Ma Lae Nay Zin Khaing VI IT - 129 Online Auto Auction System Web Application  
130 Mg Ahr Kar Min VI IT - 130 Inventory Management For ACMV Software  
131 Mg Min Thein VI IT - 131 Open WIPS- NG Networking  
132 Ma Lae Thizar Thein VI IT - 132 Car Rental and Tour Website Web Application  
133 Mg Myat Mahar Soe Lin VI IT - 133     Absent
134 Ma Khin Thida Swe VI IT - 134 Navigatrion stick for Blind person                                                                    with voice announcement Arduino Open Source Microcontroller  
135 Ma Khaing Thazin Aung VI IT - 135 IT Students Social Media Web Application  
136 Ma Lai Lai Myo VI IT - 136 PIC Control for Kitchen Control  
137 Ma Khin May Thu VI IT - 137 Clap switch Hime System Arduino Open Source Microcontroller  
138 Ma Pann Ei Mon VI IT - 138 Blood Donors searching system Web Application  
139 Ma Thae Yu San VI IT - 139 Minna N5 Japanese Application                                                                         Using Android Studio Android  
140 Ma Su Hnin Aung VI IT - 140 Little Lion Handmade World Web Application  
141 Ma Thae Su Shein VI IT - 141 ARTCraftbook Web Application  
142 Ma Wai Wai Aung VI IT - 142 Arduino Based Xylophone Arduino  
143 Ma PanEi Phyi VI IT - 143 Online Cinema Ticket Booking System Web Application  
144 Ma Yin New Oo VI IT - 144 Web Content Management( mini CMS) Web Application  
145 Nan Lin Sandar Tun VI IT - 145 Connect Together System Software Application  
146 Ma Thae Ei Tun VI IT - 146 POS System for Tea Shop Web Application  
147 Ma Zin Nwal VI IT - 147 Banmauk Mountain Travel Information                                                              and Hotel Booking System Web Application  
148 Ma Wyne Wutt Yee Khin VI IT - 148 Online Education Center for Secondary                                                           Level Students Web Design