• - Comparative Study of R.C Structure Flat Slab and Conventional R.C Slab under Various Seismic Zones
  • - Study on Performance of Sixteen-Storeyed Reinforced Concrete Building with Different Wind Velocities
  • - Study on Design of Mat Foundation for Earthquake Resistant R.C Building with Different Shear Walls Locations
  • - Seismic Risk Reduction Of R.C Building with Base Isolation System
  • - Determination of Stresses in Sail Induced by End Bearing Pile
  • - Development on Load Testing Programme for Performance Evaluation of Twantay Bridge
  • -Verification of Plastic Stress Models for Local Timber Beams Using Small Clear Specimens
  • - Evaluation of Equivalent Uniformly Distributed Loads (EUDL) For Rectangular Plates Under Point Loads
  • - Analysis & Design of Base Isolation for Building
  • - Comparative Study on The Analysis of Folded Plate Structures
  • - A Study on Seismic Effect & Seismic Performance of Nine-Storey R.C Building
  • - A Study on Performance of Existing Building Using Ordinary Moment Resisting Frame in Seismic Zone 2A
  • - A Study on The Performance of Building Designed with Intermediate Moment Resisting Frame for Seismic Zone 2A under 0.4g Acceleration  
  • - Design & Serviceability Check for Floor Slab by Using Different Design Methods for Earthquake Resistant Eight-Storey Reinforced Concrete Building
  • -Design & Detailing for Earthquake Resistant Space Steel Roof Truss
  • - Ductile Detailing for Seismic Resistant Nine-Storey Reinforced Concrete Building with Special Moment Resisting Frame
  • - Effect of Anisotropy on The Undrained Shear Strength of Sail
  • - Study on Load Distribution Behaviour of Mawlamyine Rail-CUM-Road Bridge
  • - Analysis of Load Test Data for Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyine)
  • - Design of Underground Liquid Retaining Structures in Different Configurations
  • - Design Of 107 Feet Span Welded Plate Girder for Railway Bridges
  • - Development of Influence Surfaces for Girder Bridge


  • - Design of Drainage System for Selected Area in Dawei
  • - Design of Drainage System for Selected Area in Hinthada
  • - Design of Drainage System for Selected Area in Mawlamyine
  • - Evaluation of The Irrigation Water Requirements for Thitson Irrigated Area
  • - Hydraulic Design of Lock Gate (Kayan Chaung)
  • - Construction of Master Recession Curve for Manipur River
  • - Simulation of Runoff by Tank Model
  • - Analysis of Slope Stability for Earth Fill Dam Using Different Methods
  • - Development of Design Flood Hydrographs
  • - Analysis of Seepage Through Different Types of Earth Dam
  • - Hydraulic Design of Canal Network for Kawliya Irrigation Project
  • - A Study on The Current Characteristics of Water Supply System in Lanmadaw Township Yangon
  • - Frequency Analysis of Spring Tide Levels for Certain Tidal Rivers & Creeks using Different Probability Distributions


  • - Study on The Solid Waste Management System in Maubin
  • - Study on Municipal Solid Waste Management System in Dawei
  • - Study on Coagulation & Flocculation Using Gravel Bed Flocculator
  • - Investigation of Appropriate Water Treatment Process Far Rural Area (Kyauktan Township)
  • - Domestic Wastewater Treatment Using Water Hyacinth
  • - Study on Performance of Up Flow Filter In Water Treatment
  • - Design of Wastewater Treatment System for Yum Noodle Industry


  • - Identification of Factors Related to Motorcycle Accident Severity in Tanintharyi Region
  • - Study on Accident Severity in Naypyitaw-Mandalay Expressway
  • - Standardize on Parking Demand and Verification for Residential Land Use in Downtown Area of Yangon
  • - Design of Thazi -Kungyango Railway Track Alignment and Its Components
  • - Geometric Design of Kyaukse-Pyintha Road (setkyer Sakhann-Yeywa portion)
  • - Design of A Section of Highway with Rigid Pavement


  • - Parametric Study on Soil Improvement Using Stone Column for Embankment
  • - Assessment of Slope Stability Analysis for Approach Road Embankment of Ngawun Bridge
  • - Study on Settlement Problems in Different Types of Foundation
  • - Experimental Research on Properties of Concrete Using Regionalized Aggregates In lower Myanmar
  • - Analysis of Slope Stability for Approach Road Embankment of Maubin Bridge
  • - Utilization of Locally Available Material as Granular Base Course
  • - A Study on The Application of Fly Ash as A Cement Replacement Material with Superplasticizer for High Strength Concrete
  • - Study on Concrete Mix Design for Pyinmana Project With Locally Available Materials
  • - Prediction of Sediment Accumulation for The Kabaung Chaung Using Short Term Data
  • - Investigation on The Mechanical Behaviour of Clays Treated with Lime Due to The Effect of Compactive Effect


  • - Determination of The Stadia Constants in Tachometry for Different Theodolites


  • - Study on Planning and Scheduling of One Stop Service Centre Project
  • - Investigation on Planning & Scheduling Practices of RC Building in Myanmar
  • - A Study on The Effectiveness & Appropriateness of The Quality Control & Construction Planning for Nga Moe Yeik Bridge (Kamarkyi)(Substructure)
  • - Determination of Construction Planning Techniques & Quality Control Procedure for Construction of Thazi-Kungyanyo Railway
  • - Evaluation of The Relationship Between Strength, Index Properties And N-Value of Sail from Some Area of Yangon