No. Conference Title Abstract
1 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (ICSTSD 2018) Comparative Study of RC Structure with Flat and Conventional Floor Slab System under Different Seismic Zones
2 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (ICSTSD 2018) Study on Accident Severity in Naypyitaw-Mandalay Expressway
3 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (ICSTSD 2018) Seismic Response Control of Steel Frame Building Using Fluid Viscous Damper
4 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (ICSTSD 2018) Identification of Factors Related to Motorcycle Accident Severity in Tanintharyi Region
5 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (ICSTSD 2018) Study on Parking Demand and Verification for Residential Land Use in Downtown Area of Yangon
6 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (ICSTSD 2018) Study on Planning and Scheduling of One Stop Service Centre Project
8 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (ICSTSD 2018) Comparison of Soil Improvement Behaviors on Clayey Silt Soil by applying Plaxis 2D
9 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (ICSTSD 2018) Seismic Evaluation of Existing Buildings in Latha Township with Rapid Visual Screening Method
10 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (ICSTSD 2018) Numerical Simulation Analysis on the Stability of Approach Road Embankment with Locally Fill Materials
11 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (ICSTSD 2018) Monitoring and Analysis of the Water Quality of Urban Stream (UBoke Creek) in Kalay Township
12 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (ICSTSD 2018) Monitoring and Analysis of the Water Quality of Myitthar River
13 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (ICSTSD 2018) Spatial and Temporal Changes on the Climatic Condition of Myanmar (1971-2015)
14 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (ICSTSD 2018) The Geospatial Analysis on the Noise Pollution of Road Transportation (Case Study on Hledan Junction to 8 Mile Junction,Yangon, Myanmar)
15 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (ICSTSD 2018) Foundation Condition of Yazagyo Dam, Kalay Township, Sagaing Division by using Engineering Geotechnical Investigation and Elastmeter Test
16 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (ICSTSD 2018) Use of the Standard Penetration Test to Assess the Liquefaction Potential for Mingalardon, Okkalapa and Dagon Townships, Yangon Area
17 ICSTSD2019 Architectural Design Guideline for Disaster Prevention Shelter in Myanmar
18 ICSTSD 2019 Change Detection of Spatial Wind Mapping for Coastal and Delta Regions of Myanmar using Geographic Information System (GIS)
19 ICSTSD 2019 Proposed Water Distribution System Applied to Nyaungdon
20 IC Study on Groundwater Quality in Industrial Zone-3 (Hlaing Thar Yar Township)
21 ICSTSD 2019 Evaluation of Deep Foundation Condition of Soil (Pile Foundation) in Yankin Township
22 ICSTSD 2019 Study on Value Engineering of Roofing Work for Construction Project
23 ICSTSD 2019 Study on Flood Based Tidal Irrigation System in Ayeyarwady Delta
24 ICSTSD 2019 Evaluation of Performance and Service Quality of YBS No (23) Blue and No (23) Red Bus Lines
25 ICSTSD 2019 Determining the Preventive Measures for Road Safety in Hazardous Zones (Myeik-Ye Highway 2015-2018)
26 ICSTSD 2019 Experimental Study on Ultimate Strength of I-Section Steel Compression Members