Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)


(Updated on 2016-2017 Intake)


FIRST YEAR (First Semester)

M-11011 Myanmar (2-0-0)
See under “Department of Myanmar”

E-11011 English (2-1-0)
See under “Department of English”

EM-11001 Engineering Mathematics I (4-1-0)
See under “ Department of Engineering Mathematics”

E.Ch.11011 Engineering Chemistry I (3-1-2)
See under “ Department of Engineering Chemistry”

E.Ph.11011 Engineering Physics (2-1-2)
See under “Department of Engineering Physics”

ME 11011 Basic Engineering Drawing I (1-0-2)
See under “Department of Mechanical Engineering”

CE 11011 Building Materials and Construction (2-1-1)
Making buildings, Foundations, Wood, Heavy timber frame construction, Wood light frame construction, Interior finishes for wood light frame construction, Exterior finishes for wood light frame construction, Brick masonry, Stone and concrete masonry, Masonry wall construction

FIRST YEAR (Second Semester)

M-12011 Myanmar (2-0-0)
See under “Department of Myanmar”

E-12011 English (2-1-0)
See under “Department of English”

EM-12002 Engineering Mathematics II (4-1-0)
See under “ Department of Engineering Mathematics”

E.Ch.12011 Engineering Chemistry (3-1-2)
See under “ Department of Engineering Chemistry”

E.Ph.12011 Engineering Physics (2-1-2)
See under “Department of Engineering Physics”

ME 12011 Basic Engineering Drawing (1-0-2)
See under “Department of Mechanical Engineering”

CE 12011 Building Materials and Construction (2-1-1)
Steel frame construction, Light gauge steel frame construction, Concrete construction, Roofing, Glass and glazing, Doors and windows, Designing exterior walls systems, Cladding with masonry and concrete, Selecting Interior finishes, Interior walls and partitions, Finish ceilings and floors, Types of interior walls


SECOND YEAR (First Semester)

E-21011 English (2-1-0)
See under “Department of English”

EM-21003 Engineering Mathematics III (4-1-0)
See under “ Department of Engineering Mathematics”

ME-21015 Engineering Mechanics (2-1-0)
See under “Department of Mechanical Engineering”

EP 21011 Applied Electrical Engineering (2-1-0)
 See under “ Department of Electrical Power Engineering”

CE 21011 Surveying I (2-1-1)
Fundamental concepts, Horizontal measurements, Compass surveying, Leveling, Theodolite, Trigonometric Leveling,  Measurement of vertical distance, Traversing

CE 21012 Civil Engineering Drawing I (1-0-3)
Fundamental of engineering drawing, Drawing of building components, Footing, Retaining walls, Stairs, Windows, Doors, Trusses, Working drawings, Single storey building

CE 21019 Workshop Technologies & Practices I  (1-0-3)
Carpentry:- Tools for working with wood, Measuring and making out, Hitting implements, Related tools, Shaving tools, Saws, Drills, Power Tools, Measuring, Cutting & plane, Woodworking joints, Design & production, Masonry:- Tools used, Bonding, Laying of bricks, General principals

SECOND YEAR (Second Semester)

E-22011 English (2-1-0)
See under “Department of English”

EM-22004 Engineering Mathematics IV (4-1-0)
See under “ Department of Engineering Mathematics”

ME-22015 Engineering Mechanics (2-1-0)
See under “Department of Mechanical Engineering”

EP 22011 Applied Electrical Engineering (2-1-0)
 See under “ Department of Electrical Power Engineering”

CE 22011 Surveying II (2-1-1)
Tachometry, Contouring, Total station survey, Curves, Measurement of area, Measurement of volume, Triangulation, Theory of errors and triangulation adjustment

CE 22012 Civil Engineering Drawing II (1-0-3)
Working drawings of brick masonry, timber, and brick-nogging buildings, Working drawing, Two storey buildings, Culverts, Bridges

CE 22019 Workshop Technologies & Practices II (1-0-3)
Plumbing:- Plumbing and plumber, Plumbing tools, Tips for the beginning plumber, Working drawing, Roughing and repair information, Vents, Drains lines and septic system, Lead work, Silver brazing and soft soldering, Plastic pipes and fitting, Bar Bending and Steel Fixing:- Tools used, Bar bending, Carpentry:- Design and production



THIRD YEAR (First Semester)

E 31011 English (2-1-0)
See under “Department of English”

EM 31005 Engineering Mathematics V (4-1-0)
See under “Department of Mathematics”

CE 31011 Surveying III (2-1-1)
Field Astronomy, Aerial survey, Remote sensing, Geographic information system, Global Positioning System

CE 31013 Mechanics of Materials I (2-1-0)
Stress, Strain, Mechanical properties of materials, Axial loads, Torsion, Bending, Traverse shear, Combined loading

CE 31016 Fluid Mechanics I (2-1-1)
Fluid properties, Fluid measurements, Fluid statics, Control volume analysis, Continuity, momentum and energy equations, Dimensional analysis and similitude

CE 31017 Transportation Engineering I (2-0-0)
Introduction to highway engineering and traffic analysis, Road vehicle performance, Geometric design of highways, Pavement Construction, Pavement Management

CE 31015 Geotechnical Engineering I (2-1-1)
Origin of Soil and Grain Size:- Rock cycle and the origin of soil, soil particle size, specific gravity(Gs), Mechanical analysis of soil, Particle-size distribution curve. Weight –Volume Relationship, Plasticity and Structure of Soil, Engineering Classification of Soil:- AASHTO classification system, Unified soil classification system, Soil Compaction:- Compaction- General principles, Standard proctor test, Field compaction, Permeability:- Bernoulli’s equation, Darcy’s law, Hydraulic conductivity, Laboratory determination of hydraulic conductivity, Seepage:- Laplace’s equation of continuity, Continuity equation for solution of simple flow problems, Flow nets, Uplift Pressure under hydraulic structures, Seepage through an earth dam on an impervious base, In Situ Stress :- Stress in saturated soil, seepage force, use of filter to increase the factor of safety against heave, Selection of filter material, Stresses in Soil Mass:- Effective stress in the zone of capillary rise, The principles of estimation of vertical stress increase in soil caused by various types of loading based on the theory of elasticity

Geol 31011 Civil Engineering Geology I (2-1-1)
See under “Department of Engineering Geology”

THIRD YEAR (Second Semester)

E 32011 English (2-1-0)
See under “Department of English”

EM 32006 Engineering Mathematics VI (4-1-0)
See under “Department of Mathematics”

CE 32013 Mechanics of Materials II (2-1-0)
Stress transformation, Strain transformation, Design of beams and shafts, Deflection of beams and shafts by integration, Buckling of columns

CE 32016 Fluid Mechanics II (2-1-1)
Flow in pipes and conduits, Power transmission through pipe lines, Theory of hydraulic machines; pumps, Pump characteristics and selection, Turbines, Turbine characteristics and selection

CE 32017 Transportation Engineering II (2-0-0)
Pavement design, Fundamentals of traffic flow and queuing theory, Highway capacity and level-of-service analysis, Traffic control and analysis at signalized intersections, Travel demand and traffic forecasting, Traffic study

CE 32015 Geotechnical Engineering II (2-1-1)
Compressibility of Soil:- Immediate settlement, Consolidation settlement- fundamental of consolidation, One dimensional laboratory consolidation test, Void ratio-pressure plots, Normally consolidated and over consolidated clays, Effect of disturbance on void ratio- pressure relationship, Calculation of settlement from one-dimensional primary consolidation, Compression index and swell index, Secondary consolidation settlement, Time rate of consolidation (Terzaghi's theory of one dimensional consolidation theory), Coefficient of consolidation, Calculation of consolidation settlement under a foundation, Soil Bearing Capacity for Shallow Foundation :- Ultimate soil-bearing capacity for shallow foundation, Terzaghi’s ultimate bearing capacity equation, General bearing capacity equation, Effect of ground water table, Factor of safety, Ultimate load for shallow foundations under eccentric load, Bearing capacity of sand based on settlement, Equation for estimating pile capacity, Soil Bearing Capacity for Shallow Foundation (Special Cases), Exploration (ground investigation) :- planning for soil exploration, Boring methods, Common sampling methods, Soil exploration report, Shear Strength of Soil, Lateral Earth Pressure at Rest, Rankine and Coulomb:- At- rest, active and passive pressure, At- rest lateral earth pressure, Rankine’s lateral earth pressure, Coulomb’s earth pressure theory, Application of lateral earth pressure theories to design, Retaining wall due to surcharge (based on theory of elasticity), Braced excavation, Active and passive forces on retaining walls with earthquake forces, Pae for c-f soil backfill, Slope Stability:- Factor of safety, Stability of infinite slopes, Analysis of finite slopes with plane failure and circular failure surfaces, mass procedure- slopes in homogeneous clay soil with f=0, mass procedure for stability of saturated clay slope (f=0 condition) with earthquake forces, mass procedure-slopes in homogeneous c-f soil, Ordinary method of slices

Geol 32011 Civil Engineering Geology II (2-1-1)
See under “Department of Engineering Geology”




FOURTH  YEAR (First Semester)

E 41011 English (2-1-0)
See under “Department of English”

EM 41007 Engineering Mathematics VII (4-1-0)
See under “Department of Mathematics”

CE 41013 Theory of Structures I (2-1-0)
Plane trusses and space trusses, Influence line for statically determinate structure, Deflection by virtual work method, Deflection of structures by moment area theorem, Elastic load method and conjugate beam method

CE 41014 Design of Timber Structures (2-1-0)
Design construction in the use of structural timber, Physical and mechanical properties of wood, Loads, Design of tension, compression and bending members, Fastener and connectors, Design of purlins and roof trusses, Design of wood bridges, Glued laminated timber, Maintenance of timber structures, Formwork design, Wood foundation structures

CE 41024 Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures I (2-1-0)
Introduction, Materials, Flexural analysis and design of beams, Shear and diagonal tension in beams, Edge supported slabs, Bond, Anchorage and development length, Serviceability, Analysis and design for Torsion, Retaining Wall 

CE 41016 Hydraulic Engineering and Applied Hydraulics I(2-1-1)
Classification of open channel flow. Channel geometry. Velocity distribution and pressure distribution in a channel section. Energy and momentum principles, Critical flow and its computation and applications, Uniform flow and its formals, computation. Design of channel, best hydraulic section, stable hydraulic section

CE 41017 Transportation Engineering III (2-1-0)
History and general features of Indian railways, Rail Track Gauge, Alignment of railway lines, Track and Track stresses, Rails, Sleepers, Ballast, Subgrade and formation, Rail fitting and fastenings, Creep of rail, Geometric design of Track, Curves and superelevation, Points and crossings, Track junctions and simple track layouts, Rail joints and welding of rails, Modern welded railway track, Track Maintenance.

FOURTH  YEAR (Second Semester)

E 42011 English (2-1-0)
See under “Department of English”

EM 42008 Engineering Mathematics VIII (4-1-0)
See under “Department of Mathematics”

CE 42013 Theory of Structures II (2-1-0)
Analysis of statically indeterminate structures by the method of superposition, Three moment equations, Slope deflection method, Moment distribution method, Arch and suspension system, Column analogy method for beams and frames, Approximate analysis of statically indeterminate structure

CE 42024 Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures II (2-1-0)
Short columns, Slender columns, Footing and foundations, Bridge, Pre-stressed Concrete

CE 42026 Engineering Hydrology (2-1-0)
Hydrologic cycle, Hydrology in engineering, Precipitation measurement, Estimation of missing data, Double-mass analysis, Mean precipitation over an area, Infiltration indexes, Evaporation, Evapotranspiration, Basic concepts of water requirements for crops, Empirical methods for consumptive use, Streamflow, Storage-discharge relationship, Rainfall-runoff correlation, Flow-duration curve, Flow mass curve, Cumulative of  storage volume, Reservoir operation, Hydrographs, Unit hydrograph, Application of unit hydrograph, Flood estimation, Rational method, Flood frequency method, Low-flow frequency analysis, Ground water, Well hydraulic, Safe yield, Flood routing-hydrologic storage and channel routing

CE 42016 Hydraulic Engineering and Applied Hydraulics II (2-1-1)
Theoretical concept of boundary layer, surface roughness, velocity distribution, Gradually varied flow, Dynamic equation, Characteristics of flow profiles, Classification of flow profiles, Analysis of flow profiles, Method of computation-Direct step method, standard step method

CE 42017 Transportation Engineering IV (2-1-0)
Airport Planning: The nature of the civil aviation and airports, Aircraft characteristics related to airport design, Air traffic management, Airport planning studies, Forecasting for airport planning. Airport Design; Geometric design of airfield, Structural design of airport pavement, Airport lighting, marking and signage, Airport drainage, Planning and Design of terminal area. Special topics in airport planning and design; Airport security planning, Airport capacity and delay, Finance strategies for airport planning, Environmental planning.



FIFTH YEAR (First Semester)

CE 51013 Theory of Structures III (2-1-0)
Static indeterminacy and kinematic indeterminacy, Force method of analysis, Displacement method of analysis, Flexibility and stiffness method, Finite element method, Introduction for structural dynamics, Influence line for statically indeterminate structure, Shear wall analysis

CE 51012 Construction Engineering Management I (2-1-0)
The Construction Industry; Construction Process, Codes and Regulations, State of the Industry, Construction Management, Construction Trends and Prospects, The time value of money, Discounted present worth analysis, Rate of return analysis. Construction Economics; Time Value of Money, Equipment Cost, The Rent-Lease-Buy Decision, Financial Management of Construction. Construction process and Technology: Foundation, Wood Construction, Concrete Construction, Construction form design, Masonry construction, Steel construction. Planning and Scheduling; Bar Graph Method, CPM-The Critical Path Method, Scheduling and Resource Assignment Using CPM, Practical Considerations in Network Use, Linear Scheduling Methods. Developing the Quality Management Plan, The QA/QC Functions, Safety as a Component of Quality, Developing the Safety Management Plan, The Economics of Quality and Safety. Construction Safety and Health and Equipment Maintenance; Importance of Safety, OSHA, Safety Procedures, Environmental Health in Construction, Equipment Maintenance.

CE 51024 Design of Steel Structures I (2-1-0)
Introduction, Steel and properties, Tension members, Compression members, Structural bolts, Welding, Laterally supported beams

CE 51016 Design of Hydraulic Structures I (2-1-0)
Types of spillway, Design of Ogee spillway, Design of free-dropped spillway, Energy dissipaters, Design of hydraulic jump type energy dissipater, Design of bucket type energy dissipater, Reservoir, Available storage capacity of a reservoir, Determination of yield of a reservoir, Sedimentation in Reservoirs.

CE 51018 Environmental Engineering I (2-1-1)
Water demand and quantity, Quality of water supply, Unit operations, Screening and aeration, Sedimentation, Filtration, Disinfection, Conveyance of Water, Distribution of water

CE 51022 Estimating and Specifications I (1-0-3)
Methods of estimating, Building estimates, RCC works, Doors and windows; Procedure of estimating; Method of building estimates; Types of estimates, sanction, project; Estimate of buildings; Estimate of different types of roofs; RCC works and structures.

FIFTH YEAR (Second Semester)

CE 52012 Construction Engineering Management II (2-1-0)
The concept of cost control; Historical development of cost control processes, Main aims of cost control, Tendering arrangements, Comparison of cost planning and approximate estimating, Introduction to value management/ engineering, Cost planning theories and techniques; Cost control procedure, Role of quantity surveyor during the design stage, Cost Planning techniques, Cost control during execution of contract, Cost control by the contractor. Value management: General principles, Value Management definitions, Alternative approaches, Value management strategies, Comparison of value management and cost management, Value management techniques. Managing Quality and Safety, Total Quality Management and its importance to Benchmarking; Defining TQM, Origins of TQM, An example of benchmarking, Development of TQM in the West, Achieving customer delight. Earthmoving Materials and Operations; Introduction to Earthmoving, Earthmoving Materials, Soil Identification and Classification, Soil Volume-Change Characteristics, Spoil Banks, Estimation Earth work Volume, Construction Use of the Mass Diagram. Excavation and lifting: Introduction, Hydraulic excavators, Shovels, Draglines, Clamshells, Trenching and trenchless technology, Cranes. Loading and Hauling: Estimating Equipment travel time, Dozers, Loaders, Scrapers, Tracks and Wagons. Give Project Assignment.

CE 52015 Foundation Engineering (2-1-1)
Factors to Consider in Foundation Design:- Erosion problems for structures adjacent to flowing water, Corrosion protection, Water table fluctuation, Foundations in different soil deposits, Ultimate bearing capacity of shallow foundation (special case), Mat Foundation:-Common types of mat foundation, Bearing capacity of mat foundations, Structural design of mat foundation, Deep Foundation:- Types of piles, Equations for estimating pile capacity, Pile load tests, Elastic settlement of piles, Laterally loaded piles, Pile driving formulas, Group efficiency, Ultimate capacity of group piles, Settlement of group piles, Earth Retaining Structures:- Sheet pile walls design, Wall for excavation:- Design of various component of a braced cut, Bottom heave of a cut in clay

CE 52016 Design of Hydraulic Structures II (2-1-0)
Types of  dams, Design of gravity dam, Earth dam, Type of failure, Design criteria, Design of earth dam, Design of intakes, culverts, and bridge piers, Design of Irrigation structure

CE 52024 Design of Steel Structures II(2-1-0)
Torsion, Lateral torsional buckling of beams, Plate girders, Composite steel, Concrete Construction, Continuous Beam

CE 52018 Environmental Engineering II (2-1-1)
Collection and conveyance of sewage, Wastewater flow rates, Hydraulic design of sewers,  Wastewater characteristics, Natural methods of wastewater disposal, Unit Operations, Preliminary Treatment, Sedimentation and Chemical Clarification

CE 52022 Estimating and Specifications II (1-0-3)
Estimates of culverts, Earthwork fand roads, Specifications, Analysis of rate; Road estimating; Culverts, bridges, wells; Analysis of rates, Estimating of quantities of materials and transport;  Specifications, Sanitary & Water Supply Works,  Irrigation Works.



SIXTH YEAR (First Semester)

HSS 61011 Humanity and Social Science (3-0-0)
Myanmar culture and values, Myanmar and world history and lessons from history, ASEAN and Myanmar, International Relations, Professional Ethics, Education for personal enrichment and national developments, Economics for engineers, Management of Technology

CE 61019 Computer Application in Civil Engineering (1-0-5)
ETABS: Analysis and Design of R.C Building; Modeling, Loading, Analysis and Design

CE 61018 Environmental Engineering III (2-1-1)
Biological treatment I: Sewage filtration, Biological Treatment II: Activated sludge process, Septic and Imhoff tank, Air Pollution, Solid waste management

CE 61029
Integrated Design Project                       (2) credits

SIXTH YEAR (Second Semester)

CE 62001
Internship Program                                    (4) credits

CE 62009
Graduation Project/ Mini Thesis               (9) credits