Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronic)


(Updated on 2019-2020)

First Year

McE 11011 - Introduction to Mechatronics I
Topic 1:Introduction to Mechatronics, Measurement Systems and Control System
Topic 2:Sensors and Transducers
Topic 3:Signal conditioning, Data acquisition, Transmission and Presentation
Topic 4:Actuators- Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic

McE 12011 - Introduction to Mechatronics II
Topic 1:Basic and Digital Electronic
Topic 2:Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
Topic 3:Design of Mechatronic Systems
Topic 4:Robotics

Second Year

McE 21016 - Engineering Circuits Analysis I
Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2: Basic Components and Electric Circuits
Chapter 3: Voltage and Current Laws
Chapter 4: Basic Nodal and Mesh Analysis
Chapter 5: Handy Circuit Analysis Techniques

McE 22016 - Engineering Circuits Analysis II
Chapter 7: Capacitors and Inductors
Chapter 8: Basic RL and RC Circuits
Chapter 9: The RLC Circuit
Chapter 10: Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis 

McE 21012 - Factory Control Engineering I
CH 1. Introduction to Hydraulic Power Systems
CH4. Hydraulic Pumps
CH5. Hydraulic Control Valves
CH6 Pneumatic Control system

McE 22012 - Factory Control Engineering II
CH1. Fundamentals of electrical technology
CH2. Components and assembiles in the electrical signal control section
CH3. Sensors for measuring displacement and pressure
CH4. Basic concepts of electro-pneumatic circuit
CH5. Timer and Counter

McE 21015 - Engineering Mechanics I
Ch-1, General Principles
Ch-2, Force Vectors
Ch-3, Equilibrium of a Particle
Ch-4, Force System Resultants
Ch-5, Equilibrium of a Rigid Body
Ch-6, Structural Analysis

McE 22015 - Engineering Mechanics II
Ch-12, Kinematics of a Particle
Ch-13, Kinetics of a Particle: Force and Acceleration
Ch-14, Kinetics of a Particle: Work and Energy
Ch-15, Kinetics of a Particle: Impulse and Momentum
Ch-16, Planar Kinematics of a Rigid Body

McE 21019 - Computer Science and Programming I
Chapter-1 Data Storage
Chapter-2 Data Manipulation
Chapter-3 Operating System
Chapter-4 C++ Programming Basics

McE 22019 - Computer Science and Programming II
Chapter-3 Loops and Decisions
Chapter-4 Structures
Chapter-5 Functions
Chapter-6 Objects and Classes
Chapter-7 Arrays and Strings

Third Year

McE 31026 - Electronic Devices I
Chapter 2- Diodes and Applications
Chapter 4- Bipolar Junction Transistors
Chapter 5- Transistor Bias Circuits
Chapter 6 - BJT Amplifiers

McE 32026 - Electronic Devices II
Chapter 10 - Amplifier Frequency Reponse
Chapter 12 - The Operational Amplifier
Chapter 13 - Basic Op-Amp Circuits
Chapter 16 - Oscillation

McE 31036 - Digital Electronics I
Ch2  Number Systems, Operations, and Codes
Ch3 Logic Gates
Ch4 Boolean Algebra and Logic Simplification
Ch 5 Combinational Logic Analysis

McE 32036 - Digital Electronics II 
Ch6 Functions of Combinational Logic
Ch 7 Latches, Flip-Flops and Timbers
Ch8 Shift Registers
Ch9 Counters
Ch10 Programmable Logic

McE 31032 - Electrnical Machine and Control I
Ch-1,  Safety in the Workplace
Ch-2,  Understanding Electrical Drawings
Ch-3, Motor Transformers and Distribution Systems
Ch-4, Motor Control Devices
Ch-5, Electric Motors

McE 32032 - Electrnical Machine and Control II
Ch-6, Contactors and Motor Starters
Ch-7, Relays
Ch-8, Motor Control Circuits
Ch-9, Motor Control Electronics
Ch-10, Adjustable-Speed Drives and PLC Installations

McE 31022 - Programmable Logic Controller I 
Chapter 1 - Programmable Logic Controller
Chapter 2 - Input Output Devices
Chapter 3 - Digital Systems
Chapter 4 - I/O Processing
Chapter 5 - Ladder and Functional Block Programming
Chapter 6 - IL, SFC and ST Programming Methods
Chapter 7 - Internal Relays
Chapter 8 - Jump and Call

McE 32022 - Programmable Logic Controller II 
Chapter 1 - Timers
Chapter 2 - Counters
Chapter 3 - Shift Registers
Chapter 4 - Data Handling
Chapter 5 - Designing Systems

McE 31034 - Material Science and Strength of Material I
Chapter 1-Introduction to Material Science and Engineering
Chapter 5- Atom and Ion Movements in Materials
Chapter 6- Mechanical Properties Fundamentals and Tensile
Chapter 7- Fracture Mechanics -Fatigue and Creep Behavior
Chapter 8-Strain Hardening and Annealing

McE 32034 - Material Science and Strength of Material II
Chapter 1-Direct Stress
Chapter 2-Shear Stress
Chapter 5-Shear stress and Bending Moment
Chapter 6-Bending Stress
Chapter 8-Torsion

Fourth Year

McE 41025 - Theory of Machine I
Chapter-3-Kinetics of Motion
Chapter-5-Simple Mechanisms
Chapter-6- Velocity in Mechanisms
Chapter-7- Velocity in Mechanisms(Relative Velocity Method)
Chapter-8-Acceleration in Mechanisms"

McE 42025 - Theory of Machine II
Chapter-11-Belt, Rope and Chain Drive
Chapter-12-Toothed Gearing
Chaper-13- Gear Trains

McE 41035 - Design of Machine Elements I 
Ch 6 - Variable Stresses in Machine Parts
Ch 14 - Shafts
Ch 17 - Power Screw
Ch 20 - V-Belt and Rope Drive
Ch 22 - Flywheel

McE 42035 - Design of Machine Elements II
Ch 23 - Springs
Ch 28 - Spur Gears
Ch 29 - Helical Gears
Ch 30 - Bevel Gears
Ch 31 - Worm Gears

McE 41017 - Modeling and Control I
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Control Systems
Chapter 2 - Mathematical Models of Systems
Chapter 3 - State Variable Models

McE 42017 - Modeling and Control II
Chapter 1 - Feedback Control System Characteristics
Chapter 2 - The Performance of Feedback Control Systems
Chapter 3 - The Stability of Linear Feedback Systems

McE 41026 - Power Electronics I
Chp 1 Introduction to power electronics
Chp 2 Power computations
Chp 3 Half wave rectifiers
Chp 4 Full wave rectifiers

McE 42026 - Power Electronics II 
Chp 5 AC voltage controllers
Chp 6 DC-DC converters
Chp 7 Inverters
Chp 8 Drive circuits, snubber circuits and heat sinks

Fifth Year

McE 51018 - Industrial Management I 
Ch 1 - Industrial Engineering and Production Systems
Ch 2 - Facility Location and Layout
Ch 3 - Forecasting
Ch 4 - Aggregate Planning
Ch 5 - Capacity Planning: MRP, MRP II and ERP
Ch 6 - Invertory Control

McE 52018 - Industrial Management II
Ch 7 - Product Design and Development
Ch 8 - Manufacturing Systems
Ch 9 - Material Handling Systems
Ch 10 - Production Planning and Control
Ch 11 - Work Study and Economics
Ch 12 - Reliability and Maintenance Engineering
Ch 13 - Cost Accounting and Depreciation
Ch 19 - Principle of Management

McE 51017 - Modern Control System I 
Chapter 1 - The Root Locus Method
Chapter 2 - Frequency Response Methods
Chapter 3 - Stability in the Frequency Domain

McE 52017 - Modern Control System II
Chapter 1 - The Design of Feedback Control Systems
Chapter 2 - The Design of State Variable Feedback Systems
Chapter 3 - Robust Control Systems

McE 51021 - Robotic Analysis I
Ch-1  Fundamental
Ch-2  Robot Kinematics
Ch-3  Differential motional velocity

McE 52021 - Robotic Analysis II
Ch-4  Dynamic Analysis and Forces
Ch-5  Trajectory Planning"

McE 51051 - Machine Vision I
Chp 1 Introduction to machine visions
Chp 2 point processing and neighbourhood processing
Chp 3 Image restoration
Chp 4 Image segmentation

McE 52051 - Machine Vision II
Chp 5 Shape representations
Chp 6 Edge dections
Chp 7 Morphological processing
Chp 8 Image recognition

McE 51027 - Fuzzy Logic I
Ch 1 - Introduction
Ch 2 - Classical Sets and Fuzzy Sets
Ch 3 - Classical Relations and Fuzzy Relations
Ch 4 - Properties of Membership Functions, Fuzzification and Defuzzification
Ch 5 - Development of Membership Function"
McE 52027 - Fuzzy Logic II "Ch 6 - Development of Membership Functions
Ch 9 - Decision Making with Fuzzy Information
Ch 10 - Fuzzy Classification

McE 51039 - Industrial Automation I 
Chapter 1 - Data Communication
Chapter 2 - Networking
Chapter 3 - Network Models
Chapter 4 - Networks in Process Automation
Chapter 5 - Fieldbuses
Chapter 6 - Foundation Fieldbus
Chapter 7 - PROFIBUS
Chapter 8 - MODBUS and MODBUS Plus 

McE 52039 - Industrial Automation II
Chapter 1 - FMS Introduction and Description
Chapter 2 - Groupt Technology
Chapter 3 - Coordinate Measuring Machine
Chapter 4 - Automated Material Movement and Storage System
Chapter 5 - System Hardware and General Functionality

McE 51029 - Microprocessor and Microcontroller I
CH2 8085 microprocessor
CH3 8085 Instruction Set and ALP
CH4 Programming and Indexing
CH5 Stacks and Subroutines
CH6 I/O and Memory Interface

McE 52029 - Microprocessor and Microcontroller II
CH2 PIC Architecture and Assembly Language Programming
CH3 Branch Call and Time Delay Loop
CH4 PIC I/O Port Programming
CH6. Bank Switching Table Processsing Macros and modules
CH8. PIC18f Hardware connnection and rom loadders
CH9. PIC18 Timer programming in assembly and C

Sixth Year

McE 61031 - Mechatronic System Design 
Chapter-1 The world of Project
Chapter-2 Selecting Projects Strategically
Chapter-6 Planning the Work Activities
Chapter-7 Project Costs and Budgets
Chapter-8 Project Activity Scheduling
Chapter-9 Allocating Resources to the Project
Chapter-10 Information Requirements for the Project
Chapter-11 Controlling Project Execution
Chapter-12 Evaluating the Project
Chapter-13 Completing the Project

McE 61028 - Quality Control
Ch 20 - Quality Programs for manufacturing
Ch 21 - Inspection Principles and Practices
Ch 22 - Inspection Technologies

McE 61021 - Robotic Analysis III
Ch 6 - Motion Control System
Ch 7 - Actuators and Drive Systems
Ch 8 - Sensors

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