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West Yangon Technological University was established in 15th Dec. 2005. It was the second campus of Yangon Technological Univeristy in 1996. West Yangon Technological University is situated 10 km away from downtown of Yangon. The area of the West Yangon Technological University is 210.32 acres. West Yangon Technological University's reputation for outstanding academic achievement is known nation-wide and reflects the intellectual achievement of its students.


We are nurturing qualified engineers in various fields of study in aid of the national socio-economic development and trying to establish an international recognized university by taking a lot of practice in teaching, research and creativity.


We are aiming to educate and nurture our students to become the qualified graduate engineers who:
- can effectively contribute to the development of our nation.
- are committed to assuming ethical responsibilities and making continual improvement of their engineering professionals.
- can approach and solve problems in systematic and rational ways.
- can take a good leadership role and get effective communication skill through teamwork, collaboration and co-operation with those multi-engineering area work.

We are making every effort to get West Yangon Technological University widely recognized as an international university. When it comes to students at West Yangon Technological University, they are expected to comply with both their rules of conduct and with the rules and regulations of the university, with the result that they may become the students with good manners and qualifications. We are, therefore, trying to put more effort to the process of performing accreditation and quality assurance work. So far as the teaching staff are concerned, their qualities are being promoted with the activities such as Microteaching Programmes.

There are 292 teaching staff and 102 supporting staff in West Yangon Technological University. Among those, 72 professor and 65 Ph.D degree holders are serving in West Yangon Technological University. The total undergraduate students are 5121.

The total number of certificate holders and degree holders are as fallows,

  1. 1. A.G.T.I 11765 (2007-2013)
  2. 2. B.Tech 12330 (2009-2017)
  3. 3. B.E/B.Arch 8251 (2010-2016)
  4. 4. M.E/M.Arch 547 (2005-2011)


Dr. Kyi Soe
Dr. Phone Kyaw
Head of Student Affairs Department