Architecture Department Zoom Video Meeting

Report for Architecture Department Meeting Tuesday 28th April 2020 (2:00 - 3:00 pm)

Discussion 1    : To Organize MURC 2020 Reviewer Team for paper evaluation
Activity           : Organizing MURC 2020 Paper Reviewer Team of the Architecture Department with the following members

  1. Dr. Myint Win (Leader)
  2. Dr. Thet Oo (Member)
  3. Dr. Htet Htet Hlaing (Member)
Discussion 2    : To support supervision of Final year’s Graduation Thesis via online during this Stay Home period
Activity           : All teachers from Architecture Department have to supervise their individual student group via online discussion such as video call meeting.
Discussion 3    : To do Departmental Online Meeting for teaching and administration
Activity           : Currently, all teachers from Architecture Department are making use of Zoom application for online meeting. Moreover, investigating and sharing new reliable online meeting applications apart from Zoom App, technical teacher group is organized with the following teachers.
  1. U Thiha Kyaw (Leader)
  2. Daw Zin Mar Phyo (Member)
  3. Dr. San San Myint (Member)
Discussion 4    : All teachers and staffs, coming back from vacation, have to follow the rules of Yangon Regional Government as a mandatory to prevent and control Covid-19.
Activity           : The following teachers for Architecture Department have to follow the rule.
  1. Dr. Thet Oo
  2. Dr. Htet Htet Hlaing
  3. Dr. Thet Thet Mon
  4. Dr. San Nan Shwe
  5. U Thiha Kyaw
Discussion 5    : To donate for low income staffs who live within WYTU campus
Activity           : Donation of Architecture Department will be performed by Dr. Thet Oo and Dr. Htet Htet Hlaing.
Discussion 6    : To prepare Lecture notes for Master Class Online Teaching programs (including English subject)
Activity           : All of the following teachers from Architecture Department who teach for Master course have to implement the statement.
  1. Dr. Thet Oo
  2. Dr. Htet Htet Hlaing
  3. Dr. Myint Win
  4. Dr. Thet Thet Mon
  5. Dr. San Nan Shwe
  6. U Thiha Kyaw
  7. Dr. San San Myint
Discussion 7    : During this Home Stay Period, Departmental activities report, written in English and attached with photos must be sent to [email protected] in order upload on WYTU official website at least twice a week.
Activity           : Department meeting report shall be written by U Tin Tun Naing as usual. Daw San Thidar Khaing have to prepare translation of the report in English language and sending the file to [email protected]. Dr. Thet Thet Mon have to lead and organize for reporting these above two activities to Staff Affairs.
  1. Dr. Thet Thet Mon (Leader)
  2. Daw San Thidar Khaing
  3. U Tin Tun Naing