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Solar Cell (16kW) Project

Solar Cell (16kW) Project at West Yangon Technological University

I am working as a teacher in West Yangon Technological University. West Yangon Technological University and South Korea Organizations (DAEYEON C&I Co.Ltd, ATLASBX Co.Ltd and KETI are collaboration Project for Solar Cell (16kW). In this project include four members, Dr. May Than Naing, Professor of Electrical Power Engineering Department .she is a leader of this project. In our project we use the solar modules used in the 16 kW DC based Micro-grid and IoT system Test-Bed in WYTU are two types. The DC output of monocrystalline silicon solar modules capacity 3kW (AC) for Electrical Lab, 3kW (AC) for Mechatronic Lab, 3kW (AC) for meeting room and 3 kW for (5) numbers of 48W LED street lamp around our campus. The output of polycrystalline silicon solar modules 3kW to pass AC inverter (PV-C 103 LF) then AC (220V, 50Hz) connected to national grid line of WYTU.