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(2017 - 2018 ACADEMIC YEAR)


Date Programme Period Public Holidays
17th November - 7th December 2017 Registration of All Students (5) weeks 18th December 2017 [Monday] Kayin New Year
4th December 2017 Start of SEMESTER I
4th December 2017 - 16th March 2018 SEMESTER I (Including Pratical Exam, Class Work and Assignments) (15) weeks 25th December 2017 [Monday] Christmas
30th-31st December 2017 [Saturday - Sunday] 1st January 2018 [Monday] International New Year's Day
4th January 2018 [Thursday] Independence Day
12th February 2018 [Monday] Union Day
1st March 2018 [Thursday] Full Moon Day of Tabaung
19th March - 25th March 2018 Private Study (1) week
26th March - 6th April 2018 Examination for SEMESTER I (2) weeks 27th March 2018 [Tuesday] Tatmadaw Day
9th April - 11th May 2018 Evaluation for Examination and Grading Announcement (5) weeks 13th April - 17 April 2018 [5 Days] New Year Holidays
29th April 2018 [Sunday] Vesak Day
1st May 2018 [Tuesday] May Day
7th April - 31th May 2018 Semester Break (Summer) Excursion / Industrial Training (8) weeks
1st June 2018 Start of SEMESTER II
1st June - 14th September 2018 SEMESTER II (Including Practical Exam, Class Work and Assignments) (15) weeks 19th July 2018 [Thursday] Martyr's Day
27th July 2018 [Friday] Dhammasetkya Day
17th September - 23rd September 2018 Private Study (1) week
24th September - 5th October 2018 Examination for SEMESTER II (2) weeks
8th October - 2nd November 2018 Evaluation for Examination and Grading Announcement (4) weeks 23rd October-25th October 2018 [3 Days] Full Moon Day of Thadingyut
8th October - 9th November 2018 Research Project & Industrial Training (5) weeks
- Subjects and dates can be changed without prior notice and may refer to announcement by university.
- Detailed Information of Undergraduate related matters as in Work Schedule of Undergraduate Programme.
- Holidays for Eid al-Adha and Deepavali Day will be according to gazetted public holidays announcements.