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WYTU Paying Homage Ceremony

On February 13th, 2016, former lecturers, current lecturers, alumni and students from WYTU gather at Diamond Jubliee Hall for special occasion.

 Current students and Alumni who becomes engineers paid homage to their teachers in a Homage Ceremony they prepared for the teachers who are lecturers who in West Yangon Technological University within 2005 to present.. Paying homage to teachers is one of the traditions or moral culture in Myanmar in which the students pay respect to all their teachers and it is traditionally done.
This ceremony is different from other for one reason. West Yangon Technological University has been established in 2005 and 2015 is the great year of WYTU for it's 10th anniversary. and this is special because students from all engineering majors gathered and participated in this ceremony.
During the ceremony, the students gave their message of gratitude and reverence to their lecturers and asked for pardon for any of the wrong or negligence they may have done. After which, all of the teachers headed by Rector Dr. Theingi and former Rector Dr. Zaw Min Aung also gave their respective wishes for the students. The ceremony ended genially with a gift-giving to the teachers and a simple meal together for all.